Zibatrin heart

Zibatrin heart
The man was standing in the middle of a day of urban youth, and claims that the most beautiful heart drtemam that area.

The population was gathered. His heart was completely normal and no compromise on it was not signed and all the way to her heart, which eyewitnesses zibatrin is a heart so far have seen. A young man with long to hear the definition of honor with the ideal of his heart.

Suddenly the old man came and said that the population utilizing the heart of my heart to thy beauty. The young man and the old man's heart with others look to surprise, her heart is filled with the power of the scars but all was tpid. Part of his heart was removed and it was replaced some excerpts and they certainly didn't fill the empty places were well to the same corner, which was seen as carding. In some places there were no shiarhai a deeply excerpts it was prnkardah, the people that get to the heart of the old man had been with khera said that how he zibatrin the heart of the claim?

The young man pointed to the old man and said you can be sure your heart Kani; shawky with my heart, therefore comparison; you're only heart mashti rakm and prevalent and scratches.

The old man said: that's right. Your heart seems to be healthy but I never had your heart with your heart does not change. Every human is a marker of my officers feel my love to him, I've been a part of my heart apart and she has. Sometimes he's also a part of your heart is given to me as جملات عاشقانه it has been I've put the excerpts, but because these two are not together stipulated, while carding in the corner there is a heart aziznd braim; remember that love between two human beings are surprising. Some times a part of my heart to those who've given but they did not give me the thing they have qlbshan, they are the same deep shiarhai. Although they are painful, but I have mentioned are the astonishing Eshghi. I hope that they will return to the deep shiarhai thought with a piece that I've been in, well, percnend, so now the real beauty of the nose?

A young man with no message for attention جملات زیبا, while his tear became rebellious to any of the old man of his young and healthy heart piece is brought out and presented to the old man with shaky dasthai, old man took it over in the corner of the place and a part of the heart of camels and their officers instead of the heart of the young man.

The young man looked over to the other was healthy, but the ruined village of zibater because love always was from the heart of the old man to his heart was influence ...
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